Junctures - Psychotherapy and Assessment Services

When psychotherapists talk about an 'approach' they are usually talking about how they understand their work in light of various theoretical foundations, and how the actual work of psychotherapy is carried out given these understandings. 

My work is strongly guided by an existential philosophical foundation in which meaning making is a primary activity of human being. Thus, every action and even lack thereof has its meaning and sense no matter how irrational it may seem from the outside. Sometimes even our own actions are confusing and seemingly arbitrary. However, I believe that given the right perspective, every belief, behavior, and thought makes sense and that as a psychotherapist, it is my work to find that perspective. 

My stance is also largely influenced by psychodynamic principles including object relations. Primary attachment styles that we developed as we were growing up shape our experiences and provide the basis upon which we find meaning in our world. I find that I always have an eye toward attachment styles as they are experienced and lived out both in the outside world as well as within the psychotherapy relationship. 

Finally, we are always moving toward a future. How we view that future and its possibilities contours our experience of the present. Integration of our multifaceted and deeply meaningful life experience can only happen in the here and now. The therapeutic relationship can facilitate this process by offering an emotionally and relationally safe space in which to find and be found. 

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